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 · College of Medical and Health


 · Department of Healthcare


 · Department of Health and

   Nutrition Biotechnology

 · Department of Biotechnology

 · Department of Psychology

 · Department of Nursing

 · Department of Optometry

 · Department of Audiology and

   Speech Pathology

 · Department of Occupational


 · Department of Post-

   Baccalaureate Veterinary


 · College of Information and

   Electrical Engineering

 · Department of Bioinformatics

   and Medical Engineering

 · Department of Computer

   Science & Information


 · Department of M-Commerce

   and Multimedia Applications

 · Department of Photonics and

   Communication Engineering

 · Department of Information


 · College of Management

 · Department of Business


 · Department of International


 · Department of Leisure and

   Recreation Management

 · Department of Accounting and

   Information Systems

 · Department of Finance

 · Department of Financial and

   Economic Law

 · College of Humanities and

   Social Sciences

 · Department of Foreign

    Languages and Literature

 · Department of Social Work

 · Department of Early Childhood


 · College of Creative Design

 · Department of Digital Media


 · Department of Visual

   Communication Design

 · Department of Creative

   Product Design

 · Department of Fashion Design

 · Department of Interior Design

 · International Degree Program

   of Design

 · College of International and 

    Cross-strait Education

 · Center for Creative Leadership

 · Center for International

    Academic Exchange


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